Studying in New Zealand is a fantastic idea for a variety of reasons. The amazing Maori people, adventurous explorers from all over the world, and even the odd hobbit call this place home. New Zealand's natural wonders range from stunning beaches to awe-inspiring volcanoes, making every tourist want to get on a plane right now!
We all know New Zealand is a beautiful country, but there's a lot more to it than just the scenery. It is fast becoming one of the most popular study abroad destinations for Indian students. New Zealand has a lot to offer, including an excellent education system, globally renowned qualifications, a diverse range of study options, and an unrivalled quality of life. When you study here, you should find a warm and supportive atmosphere as well as an excellent support structure for international students. According to the 2018 Global Peace Index, New Zealand is the world's second safest nation, prompting students from all over the world to seek out opportunities to study in New Zealand for Indian students.

Education System in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand to take the most in-demand lessons. Numerous universities in New Zealand for International students are in science and innovation. Academic competence, qualified faculty, widely renowned credentials, a brilliant teaching style, and a plethora of study opportunities, New Zealand's education system will provide you with an education unlike any other. Learning here has a multicultural bent to it, preparing students for work all over the world. For Indian scholars, studying in New Zealand is highly regarded owing to its high-quality education and desirable lifestyle.
Sr.NO Type of institution Qualification offered
1 Universities Undergraduate degree, postgraduate diploma/degree, PhD
2 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) Graduate diploma, postgraduate diploma, certificates
3 Private Training Establishments (PTEs) Certificate, diploma

To pursue MS in New Zealand, the universities have set eligibility criteria, as per which a student must have: an equivalent diploma or certificate in the relevant field or relevant undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Hence, they have great resources to provide a quality education system in New Zealand for international students. The New Zealand education system has ample research opportunities, a matchless quality of life, and internationally accredited qualifications. The MBA courses and Ph.D. in New Zealand are also recognized across the world and your degree will be Quality Assured by the New Zealand Government. MBA in New Zealand is offered as a full-time, part-time, or online program to international aspirants, available with all the top universities.

Study at one of the world’s best institutions

Do you know that all eight New Zealand universities rank in the top 3% in the world? Universities in New Zealand focus on personalized learning and job ready skills that will set you up for an amazing career. You’ll learn in a culturally diverse atmosphere that is known for being safe and peaceful for international students.
• Enjoy hi-tech classes and personalized attention in an innovative educational system
• Experience the welcoming people of New Zealand and enjoy their traditional hospitality
• Explore the vast wild spaces and take part in endless adventure activities in the most dramatic environment

Top reasons to choose New Zealand as a study destination

• Well-funded and innovative universities with friendly people having a zest for life
• Unique landscapes that attract visitors from all over the world
• Live and study in a safe, prosperous society
• Affordable tuition fees in comparison with other countries
• Dynamic multi-cultural society
• Students can work 20 hours per week (Part time) and 40 hours per week (Full time) during vacations
• Post study work visa for 12 months
• Attractive scholarships for international students

Find out where you can study in New Zealand Universities

Universities in New Zealand gives personalized attention and a flexible learning environment to the students. They also focus on research, which means you’ll be working with leading thinkers and researchers on cutting-edge projects.
We work with these institutions:
• Auckland University of Technology
• Lincoln University, New Zealand
• Kaplan International - Massey University
• The University of Auckland
• The University of Otago
• The University of Waikato
• University of Canterbury
• University of Otago Language Centre and Foundation Year
• Victoria University of Wellington

Colleges & Institutions

Learn anything from business to technology at New Zealand’s leading colleges.
We work with these institutions:
• Ara Institute of Canterbury
• Aspire2 International
• Aspire2 International Business and Technology
• Aspire2 International English
• Aspire2 International Hospitality and Healthcare
• Auckland Institute of Studies New Zealand
• Auckland International College
• Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand
• Navitas University of Canterbury International College
• Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
• New Zealand Tertiary College
• North Tec
• Otago Polytechnic
• Pacific International Hotel Management School
• Southern Institute of Technology
• St Matthew's Collegiate School
• Study Group - New Zealand
• Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
• Unitec Institute of Technology
• UP Education
• UP International College • UP Yoobee Colleges • Western Institute of Technology
• Wintec Waikato Institute of Technology


Enjoy practical training and gain job-ready skills across a huge range of industries, form beauty therapy to Information Technology.
We work with these institutions:
• Academy New Zealand
• Cut Above Academy
• Design and Art College of New Zealand
• Elite International School of Beauty and Spa Therapies
• Information Technology Training Institute
• New Zealand School of Commercial Driver Training
• NSIA – The Professional Hospitality Academy
• Quantum Education Group


Gain the English language skills you need to succeed in your overseas study and take advantage of exclusive pathways to New Zealand’s universities.
We work with these institutions:
• Christchurch College of English Limited (CCEL)


NTEC delivers highly sought-after courses across wide range of study programs.
We work with these institutions:
• College of Future Learning NZ
• Concordia Institute of Business
• National Institute of Education
• National Technology Institute

Study Group

Get the preparation guidance you need to succeed at universities in New Zealand through Study Group’s Auckland Foundation Year at Taylors College.
We work with these institutions:
• Taylors College
• University of Auckland
• University of Waikato

ECA Group

We work with these institutions:
• Massey University

Study in New Zealand Cost

How much does it Cost to Study in New Zealand?
Sr.NO Bachelor’s Degree Fee
1 Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering and Sciences NZ$18,000 to NZ$25,000 per year
2 Medicine and Dentistry Degrees NZ$75,000

International undergraduate students are expected to spend between 22,000 & 32,000 NZ$ per year, with higher fees for subjects such as medicine and veterinary science.
Sr.NO Master's Degree Fee
1 Masters in New Zealand for International students Range between 26,000 to 37,000 NZ$

New Zealand Scholarship for International students

There are a variety of scholarships, grants, and bursaries available to assist international students with their financial needs while studying in New Zealand. International students are supported financially by the New Zealand government, corporations, universities and some private organisations. The New Zealand government, as well as different commercial and public institutions, provides several scholarships and bursaries. When applying for any of these scholarships, double-check the eligibility requirements as well as the application deadline.
Scholarships in New Zealand are awarded on the basis of merit, need, student-specific, or course-specific grants, and the amount of the scholarship varies depending on the course and the student's profile. The country's scholarships are intended to create a group of well-educated and highly skilled individuals who can help developing countries achieve long-term progress. Scholarships also contribute to the development of strong and long-lasting ties between New Zealand and its partner countries.

What are the requirements of applying for New Zealand scholarships for Indian students?

A good academic score is the most crucial condition for most scholarships, but it also depends on things like your selected destination, subject, and level. Extracurricular hobbies and volunteer work might be used to your advantage in some scholarships. Keep in mind that each scholarship has its unique set of requirements. While a simple application may suffice in certain cases, you may be required to meet a number of additional requirements in others. In research-oriented programmes, for example, you may be required to complete written assignments. Do not hesitate to contact your Golden Wings OverSeas Immigration international education expert if you have any doubts.

Here are the Popular New Zealand scholarships for International students.

Sr.NO Scholarship Name Description
1 New Zealand Commonwealth scholarships • Students from India can apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan if they are pursuing a master's degree or a PhD. (CSFP). The scheme will pay for tuition, living expenses, travel and health insurance, as well as a start-up allowance. This scholarship offers many benefits such as:
• Full tuition fees
• An allowance of INR 35,862.89 per week for living expenses
• For covering, setup cost an establish allowance of INR 2,19,121.50.
• Medical and travel insurance and research cost for postgraduate students
2 New Zealand International Doctoral Research • These scholarships, which are funded by the New Zealand government, are for Indian students who aspire to pursue a PhD in New Zealand.
• The university tuition charge, accompanying student taxes, living stipend (up to 1831748.75 INR tax-free), and health insurance coverage (up to 43,829.10 INR yearly) are all covered under this award for three years. (However, this may change depending on the educational provider)
3 New Zealand Excellence Awards • NZEA offers scholarships to Indian students at all eight institutions, allowing them to experience New Zealand brilliance in a variety of subjects.
• Education New Zealand (ENZ) and New Zealand universities that cater to Indian students are funding this scholarship. In PG programmes, there are 28 scholarships available, and in UG programmes, there are three. This award is worth INR 2,64,805.00 for postgraduate students and 5,29,651.50 INR for undergraduate students.
3 SEG Scholarship • The Soshi Educational Group is funding this scholarship programme. It promotes undergraduate (A and B scholarships) and graduate (other programmes) study of geophysics and related geosciences (C scholarships). Value of the scholarships
1. Scholarship A: 3,70,794.73 INR annually
2. Scholarship B: 2,64,857.40 INR annually
3. SEG Scholarship C: 1,58,914.44 INR annually.
Don't worry if you get stuck somewhere; our international education experts will be pleased to assist you.

Visa Requirements to Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

For studying a short course that is less than 3 months, international students are exempted from applying for a New Zealand student visa, and they can travel to New Zealand with just a visitor Visa. If you’re planning to study in New Zealand full-time for an undergraduate/ postgraduate/ PhD degree, then you need to apply for student visa. If you are looking for New Zealand study visa requirements for Indian students, here are the requirements listed below: The New Zealand Student Visa Requirements include:
• An offer from an educational institution authorized by the New Zealand Qualifications Committee.
• A letter of acceptance from the New Zealand education provider, which mentions the total tuition fee, minimum course duration, and the currency in which the fee to be paid (domestic and foreign currency).
• International students under 18 years of age should submit a proof/guarantee from a person or institution for providing accommodation while studying in New Zealand.
• Evidence of adequate funds to study and live in New Zealand (you will either have to show 15,000 NZ$ for a full year or 1,250 NZ$ per month).
The question of how to get jobs in New Zealand for Indians or any international citizens is to apply for and receive a Working Holiday Visa. New Zealand makes finding jobs abroad simple, although a fee may be required.

Student Visa Assistance

It is not simple to apply for a student visa. It takes some time to obtain your visa to study abroad, but with the help of Golden Wings OverSeas Immigration’s advisers it may be surprisingly straightforward. We support all of you through the Visa process including application completion, reporting and coaching for mock interviews and more. While the international student visa application procedure might be complex, 99% of our students can obtain a visa. Other nations have an online method whereas some countries have a paper-based visa application procedure. This procedure will assist you navigate. Our consultants also help to prepare the study plan required by some consulates. The consulates routinely inform us of the latest documents and laws on visas. All Golden Wings OverSeas Immigration students in all countries receive free visa help. When to Apply for a Student Visa? A student visa is passport approval from the immigration authorities. You are permitted to enter and study for a certain length of time. Once you obtain a confirmation of enrolment in your selected university or institution your student visa application may begin. The ideal thing to apply for is to start your course as soon as possible, regardless of whether the time you need to apply for your visa varies from nation to nation. If you plan to seek financial support (in terms of scholarships and education loans), In order to make use of any financial help, i.e. academic loan, a visa should be made available in advance because this might take a lot of time.

Student Visa Application Process

When applying for a student visa, there are various stages to consider. However, protocols and regulations depending on the nation to be studied may differ in the sequence of these phases. Moststudents need proof of: • Enrolment in a recognized educational institution.
• Evidence that you and your family are able to fund the price of flights, tuition fees, and living costs during your stay.
• Size of the passport and passport pictures valid for a minimum period of six months after your visit.
• Certain countries may need proof of their English skills or request health exams and/or police inspections.

How Golden Wings OverSeas Immigration Help in your Visa Process

We can assist you as to how to do the whole procedure if you are an Golden Wings OverSeas Immigration student with a letter from any of our 500+ partner universities in Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We will make sure that you are completely informed about the newest criteria and circumstances for your visa. To guarantee that you get the latest application formats and guidelines our team of professionals will forward you to the official websites and authorised immigration officials. We can also help you to certify, translate and mail your papers to alleviate your problems.
Pre-Departure Training It may be both worthwhile and difficult to live abroad. Golden Wings OverSeas Immigration organises a pre-departure event to make it easier for Indian students to enter to ensure that you are educated and prepared before you fly overseas. It gives an insight into the diverse dimensions of the life of the student in a foreign country. It also allows other students and their parents to visit the same university/village and to go overseas. We also supply every student with an updated and extensive "Pre-Departure Kit." Our value-added service providers may also be met here to assist students with insurance, foreign exchanges, travel, mobile sim etc. Students who are presently studying abroad or have recently finished their courses give their first-hand experience to help students adapt to the new environment and culture.

International Students Health Cover in New Zealand

• During the visa application process, international students need to declare that they will purchase international student health cover to safeguard them until the time they study in New Zealand.
• For international students opting to study in New Zealand, the health cover system can be either a public healthcare system (subsidised heavily by the New Zealand Government) or a private health cover system (to seek medical treatment privately). All international students will be mandated to have health insurance cover in New Zealand.
• Students are recommended to purchase health cover even before they travel New Zealand – this will save them from issues like getting sick on arriving in New Zealand or getting injured in a day or two soon after reaching their accommodation. est Place to Study in New Zealand for Indian Students
We all want to study in New Zealand, but if you're going to do it properly, you'll need to plan ahead. Learn about the best study abroad opportunities in New Zealand. Since the country has 2 separate islands and many vivid cities, you could be unsure about choosing your perfect city while planning to study in New Zealand.

Which is the Best Place to Study in New Zealand?

1. Wellington – Although a small city when compared to other New Zealand cities, it still possesses a wide range of places to visit in between the classes. Additionally, there are many budget-friendly things to experience in the city with your pals.
2. Auckland- The 60-story Sky Tower in Auckland offers a unique and panoramic view of the entire city, apt for taking some amazing photos with your friends. And, if you are an adventure junkie, you can try bungee jumping from the Sky Tower’s peak!
3. Hamilton – A perfect city to catch all the national and international sporting events happening in New Zealand, including rugby and cricket. You could also visit the super popular Waikato Museum and check out the Maori art displays and artifacts if you’re someone who loves to immerse in art, social history and culture.

Best Study Courses in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government is known for providing multiple courses across all levels of study such as Bachelors Degree, Diploma, Doctoral Degree, English Language, Masters Degree, Postgraduate Degrees, and Foundation Degrees. List of Best Study Courses in New Zealand
• IT and Computer Science
• Engineering
• Medicine
• Business Studies
• Health care
• Hospitality
• Animation
• Sports management
• Agriculture
• Art and design
• Nursing
• Engineering Forestry
• Business management
Read More About Popular Courses

Test Requirements to Study in New Zealand

In a country with English as the official language, it is highly crucial that an overseas student be able to learn English. There is no exemption in New Zealand. A student must give the test and receive the minimum IELTS Score for New Zealand needed by the chosen University of New Zealand for a particular course. This qualification is necessary for student visas to New Zealand not just while applying for universities.