Thinking about how to study in Canada from India. Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world, and it is currently the best country in the world in terms of quality of life. Study in Canada will provide you with a globally recognised education from some of the world's best educators and academics.
What are the advantages of studying in Canada for foreign students? Countless! Your experience will shape your life, whether you chose to study in one of our big, vibrant cities or on a small campus in a cozy, welcoming environment. It could lead to a career and a future in Canada, or it could lead to better job opportunities at home. It will provide you with access to our four magnificent seasons, wide-open areas, plentiful wildlife, multicultural diversity, a safe climate, and incredible quality of life, at the very least. International tuition fees, housing, and other living expenses in Canada are also affordable as compared to other nations. Students in Canada have the benefit of being able to work and research at the same time. This, among other things, helps them to control their finances without going into massive debt.

How is the Canada Education System?

Canada invests heavily in the educational system. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canada is one of the world's best education performers, ranking in the top three countries in terms of public post-secondary education investment per capita (OECD).
Confused about the intakes in Canada? And Unlike a single intake in Indian universities, Canadian colleges and Universities offer three intakes, which are
• Fall: A popular intake among Indian students, The Fall intake starts in the month of September.
• Winter: Starts in January; it’s best if you miss the September intake
• Summer: Available for limited programs and colleges, the Summer intake usually starts around April and May

The post-secondary education system in Canada is divided into:

• Certificate level, generally for a year.
• Diploma level, for one or two years.
• Advanced Diploma, generally two or three-year programs.
• Bachelor's degrees, awarded after four years of full-time study.
• Postgraduate diplomas/certificates, for one or two years of study.
• Masters in Canada (degrees), available after a bachelor's degree to excel in a certain subject, for one to two years.
• Doctorate or PhD, generally four to seven years.

Canada ranks as one of the best places to live around the globe

With quality infrastructure, relatively less crime rates, high life expectancy and lower costs of living than other big developed nations, their commitment to culture, diversity and innovation has created a fantastic place to live.
• Explore incredible mountains, get close to wildlife and experience a real Canadian winter
• Canada’s multicultural and bilingual society is friendly and welcomes all nationalities
• Living costs in Canada is approximately C$10,000 – C$12,000 per annum which is lower than US, UK and Australia
. • Outstanding universities having global recognition will lead to a highly-regarded qualification

Choose from elite institutions, technical and trade schools and colleges

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to choosing your course and institution in Canada. Universities in Canada have developed some of the world’s best programs when it comes to technology and innovation.
Top reasons to study in Canada: • It’s a high-tech country with lots of focus on world-leading research and development
• Enjoy a safe, welcoming environment and a high standard of living
• Two main languages are spoken, English and French, giving you an opportunity to develop your language skills
• Natural wonders abound – from incredible arboreal forests, to mountain ranges, rivers and lakes
• It’s one of the best places in the world to live, with great healthcare, job opportunities and a stable government

Find out where you can study in Canada Universities

We represent some of the Canada’s best universities, and you can choose from a range of locations and specialty areas.
We work with these institutions:
• Acadia University
• Brock University
• Cape Breton University
• Fairleigh Dickinson University Canada
• GUS - University Canada West
• King's University College at Western University
• Kwantlen Polytechnic University
• Lakehead University
• Mount Saint Vincent University
• Nipissing University
• Northern Lights College
• Royal Roads University
• StudyGroup - Royal Roads University
• Thompson Rivers University
• University of Guelph
• University of the Fraser Valley
• University of Toronto
• Vancouver Island University

High School

• UMC High School


You’ll gain practical skills and be job-ready after graduation from one of the Canada’s leading Colleges.
We work with these institutions:
• Algonquin College
• Aviron Technical Institute
• Bow Valley College
• Cambrian College
• Canadian College for Higher Studies
• Canadian College of English Language
• Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology
• Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles
• Cegep Marie-Victorin
• Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology
• Coast Mountain College
• College National of Science & Technology
• College St-Michel
• Columbia College
• Conestoga College of Applied Arts And Technology
• Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology
• Durham College
• EduCoAcsenda School of Management
• EduCo Arbutus College
• Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
• Fleming College
• GEA CIBT Education Group
• Georgian College
• Great Lakes College of Toronto
• Great Plains College
• GUS - Canadian College of Technology and Business
• GUS - Toronto School of Management
• GUS - Trebas Institute Quebec
• Herzing College
• InstitutSuperieurd'Informatique
• Lambton College
• LaSalle College
• LCI Education Network
• M College
• Matrix College
• Navitas Fraser International College
• Navitas International College of Manitoba at University of Manitoba
• Navitas Ryerson University International College
• Navitas Wilfrid Laurier International College
• Niagara College
• North Island College
• Northern College
• SAIT Polytechnic
• Saskatchewan Polytechnic
• Sault College
• Selkirk College
• Seneca College
• Sprott Shaw College
• St Lawrence College
• St. Clair College
• StudyGroup - Stenberg College
• Toronto International Business College (formerly Evergreen College)
• Universal College (College Universel)
• Vancouver Film School
• Vancouver Premier College

Study in Canada Cost

Studying abroad can be costly, but Canada is one nation where high-quality education is available at lower costs than in many other nations. However, when estimating the estimated cost of studying in Canada, make sure to factor in costs such as housing, food, health insurance, and travel in addition to your tuition fee. This will assist you with more efficiently planning your budget. The amount you spend on tuition fees is determined by the type of degree and institution you choose. Study in Canada for Indian students cost ranges between Rs. 7,87,938.97 and Rs. 21,21,594.30 a year to cover this. How Much it Cost to Study in Canada from India?
Sr.NO Study Program Average fees
1 Undergraduate program Rs. 9,54,349.50 to Rs. 14,68,410.00
2 Postgraduate master's degree Rs. 12,48,148.50 to Rs. 18,35,512.50
3 Doctoral degree Rs. 5,13,943.50 to Rs. 11,01,307.50
4 MBA in Canada Rs. 22,02,615.00 to Rs. 29,36,820.00

You may also apply for scholarships to reduce your tuition costs.
What are my options for obtaining a scholarship to study in Canada ?
To apply, you must submit an essay, and the scholarship is open to people of all nationalities. Trudeau Fellowships and Scholarships – The Trudeau Foundation provides a variety of grants, fellowships, and mentorships to foreign graduate students studying in Canada at a variety of institutions.

Scholarships to study in Canada

Canada is a growing hub for international students, with an educational system based on cross-disciplinary studies and great facilities. Canadian Universities are ranked quite high for their distinctive courses and affordable tuition fees. They provide a wide range of scholarships for international students in Canada to help them fund their studies. Students are provided with various types of scholarship awards, grants, or bursaries to finance their education by the Government of Canada and many post-secondary institutions. This attracts a large number of Indian students who are choosing to Study abroad in Canada for higher education and a better quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about the popular Scholarship in Canada for Indian Students.

Scholarships for international students in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations, with over 642,000 foreign students enrolling in the diverse variety of programs available. Regardless of its success, studying in Canada is not inexpensive. Students who want to study in Canada but don't have the financial means to do so can apply for one of Canada's many scholarships. As international students pursuing higher education in Canada, you can apply for various types of funds available by the government, universities, or non-governmental organizations. But MBA being a professional course there is a limited scope of getting financial aid for international students for pursuing an MBA program in Canada. However, some students can get an MBA scholarship in Canada based on their excellent academic and other achievements relevant to the program.

Types of scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students

Listed below are the types of Scholarships in Canada for International students.
• Canadian Government Scholarships: These are government-sponsored awards that inspire students to study in Canada.
• Non-Government Scholarships: Various trusts, charities, and associations offer scholarships to students following a particular course stream.
• Institutional Scholarships: Universities and colleges in Canada offer scholarships to students who are enrolled in their education.

Government scholarship to study in Canada

Below are some of the most well-known government scholarships for studying in Canada, along with award and eligibility details:
1 Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Rs. 42,45,756.90 Must be enrolled in a postgraduate degree in environmental and social science or health studies.
2 IDRC Research Awards Travel and research support of up to Rs. 9,09,805.05 Applicants participating in master's or doctoral programs in developed countries (masters scholarships in Canada)
3 Vanier Graduate Scholarships Rs. 30,32,574.67 Applicants must be deserving, with testing ability and leadership abilities.
4 Partnership Grants by Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada Rs. 12,12,785.20 Pursuing a PhD in a particular subject at one of Canada's qualifying universities
5 Canadian Studies Post-Doctoral Fellowship Rs. 1,51,598.15/month & airfare up to Rs. 6,06,392.60 Completed thesis in last 5 years, is not employed, length of stay 1-3 months
6 Ontario Trillium Scholarship Rs. 24,26,301.39 PhD scholarships in canada for students in Ontario
7 Canada-ASEAN SEED Rs. 6,06,392.60 for cost of program Rs. 3,03,327.80 for flight, visa, health insurance Rs. 97,064.90 weekly allowance Mid-career professional from ASEAN countries
8 Ontario Graduate Scholarships Rs. 9,09,794.74 OGS are made possible through a partnership between the Canadian government and participating organisations
9 Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship Doctoral students are offered Rs. 15,16,269.93/year and postdoctoral students are offered Rs. 21,22,993.95/year. Master's students studying in Quebec Canadian universities are eligible for financial assistance. Merit-based awards are given out.

Non-Governmental scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students

1 Anne Vallee Ecological Fund Rs. 90,985.46 Students doing animal science at the doctoral level at universities in British Columbia or Quebec are eligible to apply.
2 Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships 15 scholarship awards of Rs. 36,39,418.20 International students seeking doctoral degrees in Canada are eligible for this award
3 Canada Memorial Scholarship Rs. 10,32,157.00 Offered to UK students seeking postgraduate studies in Canada. The scholarship includes tuition, airfare, and lodging costs.

What are the criteria for applying for scholarships for international students in Canada?

As a foreign student, you must meet such requirements in order to receive a scholarship in Canada. Though the total eligibility for each scholarship you choose to apply for can vary, there are certain general criteria that foreign students should be aware of:
Academic excellence: Students applying for scholarships to study in Canada must have strong academic credentials. The majority of the grants are merit-based, which ensures the financial aid can be provided to deserving candidates.
Language Proficiency: Since English is not most foreign students' first language, gaining stronger language skills or proficiency scores on exams like the IELTS/TOEFL increases the odds of receiving a scholarship to study in Canada.
Extracurricular Indulgence: Any scholarships for foreign students in Canada take into account their volunteer work and extracurricular activities. This is also the case for stream-specific scholarships, such as those for social work and other related services. Job experience in the industry is a plus and hence becomes one of the most important qualifying requirements.

Canada Student Visa Requirements

A student visa in Canada is your key to opening the door to studying in the best universities in Canada. Below are the requirements for the study abroad Canada permit, to obtain a Canada student visa. The Canada student visa fees for the application costs around $150 and the Canada student visa process may take up to 90 days.
The Canada student visa Process and requirements to study in Canada
• An acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
• Must provide a valid passport or travel document
• Give proof that you can support yourself while in Canada.
• Meet the India visa office requirements.
• You must apply for the study permit before you come to Canada.

Other Scholarships to Study in Australia are:

• Adelaide Scholarships International
• Melbourne Research Scholarships

• University of Sydney International Research Scholarships • International Water Centre Scholarships – for students pursuing the Masters in Integrated Water Management course at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.
Students can still consult with the institution to which they are applying since most institutions allow students to use scholarship funds.

Student Visa Assistance

It is not simple to apply for a student visa. It takes some time to obtain your visa to study abroad, but with the help of Golden Wings OverSeas’s advisers it may be surprisingly straightforward. We support all of you through the Visa process including application completion, reporting and coaching for mock interviews and more. While the international student visa application procedure might be complex, 99% of our students can obtain a visa. Other nations have an online method whereas some countries have a paper-based visa application procedure. This procedure will assist you navigate. Our consultants also help to prepare the study plan required by some consulates. The consulates routinely inform us of the latest documents and laws on visas. All Golden Wings OverSeas students in all countries receive free visa help

When to Apply for a Student Visa?

A student visa is passport approval from the immigration authorities. You are permitted to enter and study for a certain length of time. Once you obtain a confirmation of enrolment in your selected university or institution your student visa application may begin. The ideal thing to apply for is to start your course as soon as possible, regardless of whether the time you need to apply for your visa varies from nation to nation. If you plan to seek financial support (in terms of scholarships and education loans), In order to make use of any financial help, i.e. academic loan, a visa should be made available in advance because this might take a lot of time.

Student Visa Application Process

When applying for a student visa, there are various stages to consider. However, protocols and regulations depending on the nation to be studied may differ in the sequence of these phases.
Most students need proof of:
• Enrolment in a recognized educational institution.
• Evidence that you and your family are able to fund the price of flights, tuition fees, and living costs during your stay.
• Size of the passport and passport pictures valid for a minimum period of six months after your visit.
• Certain countries may need proof of their English skills or request health exams and/or police inspections.

How Golden Wings OverSeas Help in your Visa Process

We can assist you as to how to do the whole procedure if you are an Golden Wings OverSeas student with a letter from any of our 500+ partner universities in Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We will make sure that you are completely informed about the newest criteria and circumstances for your visa. To guarantee that you get the latest application formats and guidelines our team of professionals will forward you to the official websites and authorised immigration officials

Pre-Departure Training

It may be both worthwhile and difficult to live abroad. Golden Wings OverSeas organises a pre-departure event to make it easier for Indian students to enter to ensure that you are educated and prepared before you fly overseas. It gives an insight into the diverse dimensions of the life of the student in a foreign country. It also allows other students and their parents to visit the same university/village and to go overseas. We also supply every student with an updated and extensive "Pre-Departure Kit." Our value-added service providers may also be met here to assist students with insurance, foreign exchanges, travel, mobile sim etc. Students who are presently studying abroad or have recently finished their courses give their first-hand experience to help students adapt to the new environment and culture.

Canada Health Insurance for International Students

Known for its government-funded healthcare systems, it is beneficial to obtain student health insurance in Canada. During their time of study in Canada, they are required to obtain and maintain their Health Insurance. There are certain provinces in Canada that offer provincial health coverage to international students. This could be provided for free or premium. In the cases of those provinces that aren’t offering OSHC, you are expected to purchase private insurance through institutions. If this isn’t available, you can subscribe to mandatory health plans.

Best Place to Study in Canada from India

Canada is increasingly becoming more popular as a study destination. The Canada education system is globally renowned. By studying here, you quickly gain global recognition upon graduation.
Also, the statement “Canadians are very friendly” is not a fallacy. Take into consideration the fact that Canada has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 Countries to live in since 1994.
Known for their multiculturalism and friendly environment, there is a lot one can do when study in Canada. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the rich forests, crystal clear lakes, quaint snowy areas, and even ski slopes! The best places to live in Canada and home to the highest-ranking universities are:
• Montreal
• Toronto
• Vancouver
• Quebec City
• Edmonton
Some of the best places to live in Canada for Indian immigrants are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Read More About Best Places to Visit in Canada

Best Course to Study in Canada from India

With 26 of Canada’s Universities ranked among the top universities according to QS Rankings 2020, the quality of education in Canada is internationally recognized and most favoured by students worldwide. Moreover, Canada’s efforts in research and development are prolific and consistent, in turn allowing itself to be recognized as a global leader. Studying in Canada is an opportunity that provides you with a multitude of opportunities. One of them is the variety of courses to study in Canada

Which is the Best Courses to Study in Canada ?

• Business Management
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Health and Medicine
• Media and Journalism

Entrance Exam in Canada

Many of Canada's finest universities and colleges offer higher education. The Entry Examinations rely on several university and graduate programs IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, PTE GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT are the most frequent entry tests. Depending on the program, the college you choose will have to do these tests. You must demonstrate your English skills for immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada in order for you to get a Canadian visa (IRCC).